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Choose Clothing Systems For The Coldest Hunting Weather

Perched high in my lock-on stand, the air temperature was 0°F (-18°C)—cold, for sure, but manageable, if not for the windchill and humidity. With 12 mph (20 kph) winds and 85% relative humidity, a conspicuous bite was in the air. Thankfully, in over 27 years of hunting the Whitetail rut, and through much trial and…

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Discover Mature Buck Personalities

Photo credits: Honeycutt Creative LLC A Look at 12 Different Whitetail Personality Types and How to Approach Them Deer hunters who consistently tag mature Whitetails understand a key component—Whitetail behavior. They understand that each buck exhibits traits and tendencies that culminate as a perceived personality. Seeing these tendencies and translating them into actionable information is…

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