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Despite the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 50 years of unparalleled conservation delivery and the realization of what is regarded as the most acclaimed conservation story in America , many factors today are resulting in the loss of healthy habitats and a decrease in wild turkey populations. The health of the North American wild turkey population has…

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Treestand vs. Ground Hunting: Is it Time to Adapt?

Article by Darron McDougal If your go-to strategy is no longer fun or isn’t producing success, make a change! Shellshocked. Sitting for hours on stand has grown stale to the author. That’s why he now primarily hunts from the ground. (Photo courtesy of Darron McDougal) That’s what I was as I hunkered in shin-high prairie grasses when…

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Finding The Best Locations For Big Buck Sheds

Article by Jason Ashe Shed hunting has exploded in popularity among Whitetail hunters across the country in recent years. The annual ritual is not only good for some outdoor exercise and scouting, but it is also a good opportunity to see which bucks have made it through to the next season, then come home with some…

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Tips for Finding and Creating Great Treestand Locations

Article by Josh Honeycutt Bowhunting from an elevated position offers an excellent advantage. Being able to   hunt   from above allows hunters to get away with a little more movement, it opens shot opportunities, and it can make the difference in filling a tag or not. Still, there’s a lot to consider when using treestands and it…

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