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Choose Clothing Systems For The Coldest Hunting Weather

Perched high in my lock-on stand, the air temperature was 0°F (-18°C)—cold, for sure, but manageable, if not for the windchill and humidity. With 12 mph (20 kph) winds and 85% relative humidity, a conspicuous bite was in the air. Thankfully, in over 27 years of hunting the Whitetail rut, and through much trial and…

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Treestand vs. Ground Hunting: Is it Time to Adapt?

Article by Darron McDougal If your go-to strategy is no longer fun or isn’t producing success, make a change! Shellshocked. Sitting for hours on stand has grown stale to the author. That’s why he now primarily hunts from the ground. (Photo courtesy of Darron McDougal) That’s what I was as I hunkered in shin-high prairie grasses when…

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Finding The Best Locations For Big Buck Sheds

Article by Jason Ashe Shed hunting has exploded in popularity among Whitetail hunters across the country in recent years. The annual ritual is not only good for some outdoor exercise and scouting, but it is also a good opportunity to see which bucks have made it through to the next season, then come home with some…

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