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Firminator G-3 ATV Model

The Firminator G-3 ATV Model takes all the great features of Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment’s full-size, 3-point implement and right-sizes it for ATV’s and UTV’s.

The ATV G-3 Model features six (6) 14-inch ground turning disks at six-inch spacing. Built on a frame of rugged 3-inch steel square tubing, it weighs 860 pounds, making it heavy enough to break up and dig into the hard ground that other ATV harrows would bounce across the surface of, yet it’s light enough to be pulled by a minimum of 500cc ATV or UTV. The Firminator is leaned more heavily onto its disk assembly by shortening the top link adjustment, providing a deeper cut. A mid-range setting will give varying degrees of disk depth while still allowing the culti-packer to maintain good ground contact and break apart clods while leveling and firming the soil.

The seedbox is constructed of steel, just like the full- size three-point models, and features the same precision Accurate Seeding System. You can adjust the metering openings in one-sixteenth-inch graduations until you find the proper selections for the largest seed in the hopper. Because the system is ground-driven, the seed is metered out relative to the speed you travel, and when the Firminator stops rolling, the seed stops falling. This allows you to save time, reduce seed waste and handle vastly different seed sizes with one compact unit.

As soon as the seed hits the ground, it is rolled over by the 34-inch, true agricultural grade cast iron culti-packer. By lengthening the top link, disks can be carried up off the ground allowing the culti-packer to roll on the soil with additional frame weight being transferred to it.

The ATV Model comes with a tow bar sized for a 1 7/8” ball, but also retains the 3 point hitch if you want to use it on a small tractor.

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