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Rating the Best: The Top 5 Handguns for Whitetail Success

Whether you’re a longtime handgun hunter or new to the idea of chasing deer armed with a pistol rather than a long gun, there’s no denying that handgun hunting is experiencing a popularity spike. This might be due to the proliferation of larger-caliber handguns hitting the market, or because self-defense folks are realizing they can apply…

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Armed And Responsible: What Handgun Defends Best Against Bears?

In 2016, Alaskan fishing guide Phil Shoemaker made two discoveries: 1) Yes, it’s possible to use a handgun chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum on an angry grizzly bear; and 2) No, that method isn’t preferable. On the day in question, Shoemaker was taking some fishing clients to a good spot for them to wet their hooks.…

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Muzzleloader Hunting: Gear Checklist

The evolution of muzzleloader enthusiasm exploded in 1985 when Tony Knight, of Knight Muzzleloader fame, designed and implemented an idea to improve on what was an old weapon. Knight’s idea was to improve the ignition system to generate a more consistent ignition. To accomplish this, he completely redesigned the ignition system, moving it from a…

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The Evolution Of Trail Cameras

Trail cameras have evolved by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. Almost every hunter has at least one, and many hunters maintain a fleet of them. From their humble and cumbersome beginnings with print film to today’s digital, video, and even wireless cams, they’ve literally become an integral tool for today’s hunter.…

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Struttinbuck TV

STRUTTINBUCK SINCE 2008 LIVING OUR PASSION These words embody their vision. They choose to live their passions each and every day, through life, business, and the outdoors! Since 2008, quality has been in focus. From some of the most creative imagery captured, to countless hours of recorded video, top quality and a unique production eye has…

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