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Mirage 2.0 is a simple-to-use camera with exceptional image recording, a long capture range, and an aggres- sive performance-to-cost ratio that al- lows for multi-camera setups without draining your hunting budget.

The Mirage 2.0 is a 30-megapixel camera that delivers brilliant 16:9 ratio stills and 15-second 720p HD video clips to provide the imaging you need to observe, inventory, and target the alpha bucks in your hunting area. The Mirage 2.0’s half-second trigger speed combined with 42 nearly invisible infrared LEDs and a long 90-foot illumination/detection range guarantees a camera that is both discrete and can get the shot in any setting. A built-in automatic exposure control ensures top-quality image captures in all lighting conditions—from the darkwoods to the bright and wide-open green fields.

Powered by eight AA batteries or a 12-volt DC power source (not in- cluded), the Mirage 2.0 is a cinch to program. A drop-down door reveals a four-button user interface that con- trols the unit and provides intuitive menu navigation.

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