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Alone in the Backcountry

Here’s Why Everyone Should Spend a Night Solo in the Wilderness I spent four nights in bear country alone, and it changed me. That sounds corny, I know, but experiences like these do change a person. I believe that’s why we chase these adventures so tenaciously and sometimes quite blindly. Now, this isn’t your average “Here’s…

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Aggressive Archery Tactics for Rutting Mule Deer

For the time of your bowhunting life, get aggressive with these big-eared deer It was now or never. I charged ahead through the scattered junipers, disregarding the bedded fawn watching me make the maneuver. My focus was on the grunts emitting from an old buck I’d first encountered one year earlier. He’d also been taunting…

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Muleys Without Mountains

Mountains and mule deer seem synonymous, yet the Midwest and Great Plains offer excellent hunting for giant bucks without the climb. Think attitude, not altitude. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation spans nearly 2,000,000 acres and Neil Davies and I each had a deer tag. Shortly after noon, we met Travis Brave Bird, our Sioux guide…

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Trail Cameras: Are they hurting or helping your hunting strategy?

Don’t grow discouraged when a big buck doesn’t walk by your trail camera. Remember, a cam-era doesn’t capture everything that happens in your hunting area. (Photo courtesy of Bowtech Archery) We discuss whether trail cameras should be part of your hunting program. Trail cameras. They provide definitive edges to modern hunters. They provide key details to…

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