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Alone in the Backcountry

Here’s Why Everyone Should Spend a Night Solo in the Wilderness I spent four nights in bear country alone, and it changed me. That sounds corny, I know, but experiences like these do change a person. I believe that’s why we chase these adventures so tenaciously and sometimes quite blindly. Now, this isn’t your average “Here’s…

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An Elk Hunter’s Heaven: Hunting Mescalero Apache Elk

PHOTO CREDIT: LARRY WEISHUHN OUTDOORS The ebony-beamed, ivory-tipped 6x6 bull elk turned and started walking away. “We can and will do better,” whispered Mescalero Apache Reservation’s hunt guide James Adams. Then, James again blew his cow call. Close by, four more bulls started bugling. In the distance, bulls bugled at every point on the compass.…

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Moose Country

The Trials and Tribulations of a First-Time Moose Hunter

At the end of September 2021, my hunting partner and I embarked on an epic trip into Atikaki Provincial Park for a 10-day canoe/backpack moose hunting adventure. With more energy than brains, we headed out and experienced the hardest, yet one of the most fun hunts, I’ve ever been on. As all questionable plans do,…

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Rifle Caliber, Cartridge, or Bullet Design – Which Matters Most?

Article by Kevin Wilson Ask 10 different deer hunters which is the best rifle caliber, and you could get just as many different answers. With so many new, and, arguably, improved options available today, the decision isn’t just about caliber, but also about the many advancements in cartridge and bullet design as well. Visit any internet…

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