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New FOXPRO Foxlamp

The FOXPRO Foxlamp gives you convenient hands-free scanning for nighttime predator hunting and other activities. Easily select white, red, or green light with the patented center axis rotary system to access the color that best suits your situational needs. No more fumbling around with multiple LED modules. The center axis rotary system keeps the LED…

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High Speed Gear Tourniquet Carry Solutions

Whether you are a service member training in the field, forward deployed, a law enforcement officer or training on your own, tourniquet (TQ) pouches are essential items to carry. High Speed Gear® offers TQ pouches so you can access your life-saving equipment rapidly. As tactical gear companies, both High Speed Gear® and Comp-Tac® Holsters take their…

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BONE-DRI™ Dual Rifle Case

BONE-DRI™, inventor of award-winning moisture- absorbing gun cases, is proud to announce the introduction of the Dual Rifle Case. Engineered with advanced materials to wick moisture, the BONE-DRI Dual Rifle Case protects your rifles from rust. Designed for sportsmen, hunters, and professional shooters who demand and deserve the very best, the BONE-DRI Dual Rifle Case…

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SOG Introduces New Tactical Fixed-Blade

Tactical knife and tool manufacturer SOG has just released the latest in its professional-grade fixed-blade series of cutting tools—the Recondo FX. The Recondo FX is designed as a no-nonsense knife that covers any field application. With a 4.6-inch blade length and overall length of 9.6 inches, the Recondo FX is sized to tackle a broad…

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GForce Arms Announces .410 GA Lever- Action Shotgun

GForce Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the shipping of their lever action shotgun, the LVR410. This model is the newest in their line of home defense and hunting shotguns, aimed for the average person who loves to hunt or shoot trap. It features a beautiful Turkish walnut stock and forend, high grade aluminum receiver.…

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The New CZ-USA 600 Lux Rifle

The 600 Lux is part of the exciting new CZ-USA 600 series rifle family. The Lux’s refined lines and traditional style reflect gun makers and hunters’ long, proud tradition. Modern innovations ensure the Lux shoots are as good as it looks. Each Lux rifle comes with a sub-MOA guarantee! A traditional oil-finished select-grade walnut matches…

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BONE-DRI Range & Tool Bag

BONE-DRI™, inventor of award-winning moisture- absorbing gun cases, is proud to announce the introduction of the Range & Tool Bag. Engineered with advanced materials to wick moisture, the BONE-DRI Range & Tool Bag protects your handgun, ammunition, accessories, and tools from rust. Whether you are headed to the gun range, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or…

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Convergent Hunting Solutions: The Ultimate Innovation in Game Calls

Convergent Hunting Solutions makes game calls that are the perfect combination of experience, innovation and passion. Started by professional predator hunter Byron South, Convergent game calls are made in the USA and deliver premium sound quality at an incredible value. Convergent’s flagship product is the Bullet HP Bluetooth game call, allowing hunters to pair a…

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ALPS OutdoorZ Adds New Wetland Seat for Waterfowl Hunters

ALPS OutdoorZ, premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and outdoor gear, continues to expand its waterfowl hunting collection with the introduction of the Mesh Wetland Seat. Developed to provide a comfortable and stable seating solution for those long days in wet and sloppy field conditions, the new Mesh Wetland Seat features a center pole and three…

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Antler King’s Granitic Attractant Block

Antler King’s Grainiac draws in deer any time of year with an irresistible blend of grains. With 16% protein and 5% fat, the apple-infused attractant block provides an easy, high-energy meal for any deer that finds it. Chock-full of deer favorites such as corn, soybeans, black oil sunflower seeds, and peanuts, Graniac is infused with…

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