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Weatherby Expands Element Shotgun Line with Element Turkey Model

Weatherby, Inc.® expands its line of inertia-operated autoloaders with the new Element® Turkey model, arriving at dealers just in time for spring seasons. Available in 12 or 20 gauges, this simple and robust semi-auto is fit with a short and nimble 22” barrel, extended Full choke and is clad in classic Mossy Oak® Bottomland camouflage.

Built around the time-proven Weatherby Element action, this operating system harnesses the inertia of the shotgun’s recoil to smoothly eject and reload rather than having to redirect combustion gasses back into the gun. The result is a much cleaner and more maintenance-free shotgun.

The Element Turkey’s factory-equipped choke is an extended Full that is fluted for tool-free removal and installation, while three flush chokes and a choke tube wrench are also included (constrictions Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full). Built to run modern 2 3⁄4” and 3” magnum loads, the Element has front and rear sling studs to enable the quick addition of a sling. A light-gathering fiber optic front sight sits atop its serrated and ventilated rib and rubberized grip panels lend traction in wet conditions. To enable the Element to point naturally for the wide variety of shooters, a full set of shims give the ability to tune the stock’s cast and drop.

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