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ALPS Mountaineering Wisp Sleeping Bag Offers 2-in-1 Performance

ALPS Mountaineering, manufacturer of performance-driven technical support gear for wilderness exploration, trekking, and family camping, introduces a new sleeping system just in time for the transitional spring/summer camping season.

Spring is notable for often extreme temperature fluctuations, and the same is true in the summer months, depending on altitude and geographic location. This unpredictability makes camping with a one-and-done sleeping bag somewhat challenging.

The new Wisp from ALPS Mountaineering solves this problem. The Wisp works as a standalone summer mummy bag perfectly suited for warm nights, where typical 30-degree bags may be too warm. The fleece liner interior delivers a soft, comfortable layer next to the skin that doesn’t promote sweat like some bags with nylon interiors. A left-side zipper also allows the top of the bag to be opened, keeping the upper torso cool and the lower torso and legs comfortable.

For nights when the temperatures dip below average, the Wisp can serve as a lightweight outer bag for lighter, higher temperature-rated mummy bags. This gives campers an easy way to adjust to changing temperatures without having to rely on a bag that may be too warm or too cool.

Interested in something made for colder conditions? Check out the ALPS Mountaineering Fusion 40°F, available at

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