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Antler King’s Granitic Attractant Block

Antler King’s Grainiac draws in deer any time of year with an irresistible blend of grains. With 16% protein and 5% fat, the apple-infused attractant block provides an easy, high-energy meal for any deer that finds it.

Chock-full of deer favorites such as corn, soybeans, black oil sunflower seeds, and peanuts, Graniac is infused with molasses for long-range aroma and a sweeter taste. It also contains Antler King’s proprietary health supplement, AMP, to help promote digestive efficiency and immune function.

Grainiac can be used year-round to supplement natural food sources. For maximum consumption, the easy-to-carry attractant block can be placed by hunting locations or any areas deer frequently travel, including staging sites, trail, and water sources.

Grainiac is available in 20-pound or the Grainiac XL in 33-pound blocks.

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