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One-Mile Meal
Hunter-and-Gatherer Challenge Several years ago, there was a television show that challenged participants to live for a year sourcing all food and beverage within 100 miles of their home. The concept seemed easy enough, but watching the show revealed just how challenging it must have been for our forefathers to fill a plate throughout the…
Rattling White-Tailed Deer Myths
Mindful of the wind, we edged up a ridge with better visibility before starting our rattling sequence. For over four minutes, the antlers resonated as my hunting partner rattled to mimic a fight between two bucks. Then, without warning, buck came rushing towards us. With its head held high, the deer scanned the tangles of…
Saskatchewan Bush Bucks: A Welcome COVID Respite
I pointed my truck east and started the day-long drive towards deer camp. Opportunities to hunt Whitetailed deer in our neighboring province of Saskatchewan are available through a draw or with an outfitter. Many of the outfitters have licenses specific to Canadian residents, so there are plenty of options. I booked a hunt with Mark…

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