Author: Kevin Wilson

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Recognized as one of Canada's most prolific outdoor writers, Kevin Wilson has been actively involved in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. An award-winning outdoor writer/photographer, videographer and show host, his work has been widely published in, and broadcast through, many of North America’s top print magazines, newspapers, websites, e-zines, podcasts, radio shows and outdoor television networks. Former co-hosts of Canadian Outdoorsman TV, Kevin and his wife Heather, are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. With a passion for all things outdoors, they both confess a particular affinity for bowhunting whitetails and hunting wild sheep. As professional outfitters and guides, Kevin and his wife also own and operate Alberta Hunting Adventures (see In the off-season, Kevin owns and operates Wild Encounters Ltd. (see an Alberta-based company through which he provides wildlife conflict management services to industry and the public.

“Clack, clack, clatter…clash, clack, clatter, clack.” The sound of antler on antler resonated through the woods. Then, I gave my best rendition of a Whitetail buck tussle by adding a few soft, but deep, grunts. Moments later, I heard a branch snap. Waiting patiently, I recognized that I had the attention of a buck. I grunted again. Minutes passed before the buck finally stepped out from behind thick cover. Slowly making his way under the spruce trees, he stopped and meticulously sniffed the trail. I recognized then that I had made one of the most critical mistakes in the book.…

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