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Federal Ammunition Expands Its HammerDown Lineup

Federal Ammunition is proud to announce three new loads in the industry’s only ammunition product line truly designed for optimal cycling and overall performance from the time-tested, lever-action rifle platform. Federal successfully launched Its HammerDown line in 2020, and now the company is expanding that product line’s options to include the 45 Colt, 35 Remington and 444 Marlin cartridges.

The velocities of all-new HammerDown offerings are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. The construction of the molecularly bonded soft point bullets has also been adjusted for the best accuracy and expansion at those velocities. The geometry of each round’s case, bullet and cartridge ensures flawless cycling through tubular magazine and typical lever-action feeding systems. HammerDown is now offered in .45 Colt, 35 Remington and 444 Marlin in addition to the original loadings of 30-30 Win., 357 Magnum, 327 Federal and 44 Rem. Magnum.

One of the enhanced design features found in all HammerDown ammo is the chamfered front face of the case rim on all the nickel-plated cases. This removes any sharp edges to increase reliability of feeding and essentially improves cycling in all lever-action feeding systems, such as side-gate loading and tubular magazines.

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