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Hawke Optics Reflex Sight Wide View Circle Dot

The Compact and Accurate Hawke Reflex Sight Can Make the Difference

Hawke® Optics, a worldwide leader in high quality sporting optics with outstanding performance in the field and optimum value for the consumer, has just the right optic for turkey hunters this season – the new Hawke Optics Reflex Sight Wide View with Circle Dot reticle. This compact sight is perfect for your turkey gun to help you get fast acquisition of the bird when the time comes.

Within the heat of the moment, having the Hawke Reflex Sight Wide View Circle Dot on your shotgun allows you to get a more accurate shot on the bird. This sight, which can be used on any firearm, is Weaver rail mountable and has a red illuminated, 2 MOA circle- dot reticle with eight brightness settings. Pattern your shotgun so that the dot is on the center mass of the target, and you’ve got a shotgun that can quickly get you on the bird.

The new Reflex Sight Wide View Circle Dot has a fixed focus at 10 yards. The optics have a 25-layer, fully multi-coated lens. The 2-inch frame is constructed from aluminum, helping to make the sight incredibly durable and lightweight at just 3oz. It is water- and shockproof and has a two-year warranty. To save on battery life, the sight goes into a standby mode if no movement is detected for five minutes, and automatically turns on when picked up.

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