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Moultrie® Releases New Micro Traditional Game Camera Series

Moultrie’s new Micro Series cameras offer everything users love about traditional trail cameras in a smaller package. Maintain a minimal footprint and keep an eye on the field without sacrificing quality. Place them anywhere in the woods, including dead zones, or connect with a modem for maximum flexibility. Whether users want to capture wildlife footage, do recon for hunting season, or monitor grounds as part of security measures, these new Micro Series cameras are an excellent solution!

Moultrie Micro-42 Trail Camera Kit

Enjoy ultra-high resolution 42MP images and HD video (1280×720) with a blazing trigger speed and multiple capture modes. Kit includes the Micro-42 game camera clad in Moultrie White Bark™, four AA batteries, and a heavy-duty strap for installation.

  • CAMERA DIMENSIONS: 25” W X 3.5” L X 2-5/8” D

Moultrie Micro-42i Trail Camera Kit

The Micro-42i camera acts as the user’s eyes in the field, and thanks to its invisible flash technology, bright and clear images can be captured without spooking the target. More features include 42MP photos, HD video (1280×720), a quick trigger speed, and multiple capture modes for flexibility.

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