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Spypoint Releases the New Flex-S

The Trail Cam upgrade we have been waiting for

The new SPYPOINT Flex-S integrates the power of the sun with an included solar panel charging an internal lithium battery. This feature diminishes the need to make trips to check cards or replace batteries, making your scouting experience less impactful on your hunting area. Fewer trips means less disturbance, less human scent and more crisp, clear images, creating optimal conditions for the best hunting season possible.

The FLEX-S has an internal lithium battery, but also allows for AA backups, or the addition of the SPYPOINT LIT-22 battery backup pack. When the internal lithium battery percentage dips to a certain point, the FLEX-S will toggle over to the backup batteries until the solar panel has recharged the internal battery to a suitable level. At that time, the camera will toggle back to the lithium battery. This toggle feature prolongs battery life and optimizes performance for both battery options.

Regular FLEX users have gotten used to the quality of the 33MP photos and 1080p videos with clear, captured sound.  Both display well in the SPYPOINT APP, which is reliable and easy-to-use with cameras.  It includes an innovative photo and camera management system with customizable maps, weather data, and BUCK TRACKER. The FLEX-S will deliver the same brilliant photo and video quality as well as the easy-to-use features SPYPOINT users have come to appreciate.  Features like test and format buttons, GPS functionality, and the ability to update firmware remotely make these cameras highly desirable for all season scouting.

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S will use the same true dual-SIM configuration.  This allows the camera to connect to the best network regardless of the service provider.  It comes with two preactivated SIM cards already installed, and some connectivity improvements.  When the camera is placed in service, it will automatically connect to the nearest network with the strongest signal available. Users can place the FLEX-S and not care about cellular carrier selection.


Trigger Speed             Responsive – up to 0.3 seconds

Flash Range                 100’

Detection Range         100’

Photo Resolution       33MP

Video                          1080p with sound

Modes                         Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, Time-Lapse+

Network                      Multi-Carrier LTE auto-connectivity

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