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TACTACAM launches REVEAL X Gen 2.0 Cellular Camera

Over the last several years, the market has seen a major shift, and now more hunters than ever are using the cellular option to scout and locate game. The REVEAL by TACTACAM continues to be at the forefront of helping hunters break away from the confines of SD cameras and elevate their scouting experience with cellular cameras. Now with the ever-expanding market for cellular scouting cameras, TACTACAM has continued to innovate and push the technology forward to meet consumer demands, introducing the REVEAL X Gen 2.0 in June 2022.

The REVEAL X Gen 2.0 holds all the positive attributes of the REVEAL X but delivers new features combined with innovative technology making scouting easy, fun, and affordable for the everyday sportsman.

Key features of the REVEAL X Gen 2.0 include:

Dual carrier compatible – connecting to a reliable network made easy. The REVEAL X Gen 2.0 includes both Verizon and AT&T Sim cards.

  • On demand HD video option – allowing videos to now be sent to the
  • Ultimate performance featuring the newly developed hybrid mode – combining faster communication and improved battery life.

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