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Wildlife Research Center Puts Premium Scents in Spray Cans

Buck Nip® is a Powerful Deer Attractor made from secret plant derivatives. This Intense Curiosity Scent really brings in the deer all season long! Simply spray some in your hunting area and watch the results.

Golden Scrape® with Scent Reflex® Technology; The Ultra-Premium Scrape Scent, now also available in an easy-to-use spray to help add to your scent presentation and get even more results. Made with premium Golden Estrus Scent, intruding Buck Scent, fresh scraped earth, and Territorial Musk™, to simulate fresh scrape activity. Perfect for making scent trails, mock scrapes, freshening scrapes, and for use on Key- Wicks to attract bucks in the area.

Golden Estrus Elk, the Fresh and Super Premium Estrus Scent with Scent Reflex® Technology for even stronger results. This premium elk scent now available in a high-performance Super Charged® scent spray helps make your scent strategy more mobile and easy to use while in the field zeroing in on that trophy bull.

These 3 OZ pressurized cans come standard with a High-Output sprayer. The Bag on Valve system separates the premium scent from pressurized air used to propel it out of the can. Some spray scent aerosols may be diluted with propellants, which in turn might contaminate the scent. Only high-quality propellant free scent is dispersed from these cans.

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