Author: Jason Houser

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Jason Houser is an award-winning author, photographer and TV host based out of southern Illinois. Since 2008 Jason has been a fulltime outdoor writer for most national hunting publications. In 2016 Jason began hosting Bone Wild TV on the Pursuit Channel. Over the course of his career, he has hunted throughout much of North America as well as in South Africa several times. His love will always be hunting big whitetails on his family farm in Illinois, but he is not opposed to hunting anything that might be in season. Jason is known as an authority on trapping, having written hundreds of articles on the subject as well as dozens of TV shows related to trapping. It is not all about four legs for Jason though, he loves spending time on the water as much as possible. When Jason is not in the woods, on the water or on the trapline, you can find him spending quality time with his family.

More big bucks are killed during the rut than any other time of deer season. Some hunters luck into killing a big buck, and others put the odds in their favor. Here are five tactics that will help you be a successful hunter during the whitetail rut. FIND WHERE THE DOES SLEEP This is the time of the season bucks are constantly looking for does. The best place for a buck to begin his search is where the does spend most of their time during the day, bedded down. Begin by going to a favorite food source of the deer…

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