Author: Mike Reeber

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Mike Reeber is a Chef, outdoor writer and hunting guide, based in the Texas Hill Country. As the Chef/Owner of the live-fire catering company, "Roaming Fire", Mike travels across the great state of Texas modernizing traditional recipes, while showcasing wild game as a main ingredient. Partnering with a wide array of farms and ranches throughout the state, Mike only sources ingredients which are harvested through sustainable agricultural practices in order to support the entire Roaming Fire menu. Over the years, Mike has been featured by several popular digital and print publications, including the Texas Trophy Hunter's Association, Tuskers and Wide Open Spaces. Mike also shares both hunting and cooking related content on his own site,

It’s no secret that it doesn’t take a modern kitchen to turn out high-quality meals. And to me, there’s no place more deserving of creating a great meal than at a hunting camp. Whether it’s because of time spent with close friends and family surrounded by nature, or when celebrating a successful hunt, hunting camps don’t deserve to have second-tier meals. Unfortunately, many camp kitchens are some of the most unstocked places, and they often lack essential cooking items needed to prepare great food. Though it can take some time to get all the right spices and cookware in place,…

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Living in Texas, enchiladas come in practically all shapes and sizes. Some are the size of a small baseball bat, smothered in red sauce and covered with bubbling cheese, while others are a fraction of the size without cheese. Some are TexMex and others are more traditional Mexican. All I know is that I haven’t met an enchilada that I didn’t like. Shocking, I know. Though I love a good TexMex enchilada, the more traditional version is what I enjoy most. Typically, these are made with smaller tortillas and topped with a bold sauce, like molé or Colorado sauce. If…

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