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The Luxurious Center-of-the-Plate Entrée Ideas for Dinners the Whole Family Can Enjoy Hunters take pride in doing things right, pride in the game on the table, and pride when dinner…


Hunter’s Cutlets for the Whole Family 50:50 blend of coarse salt and coarse pepper is perfect. Jägerschnitzel means hunter’s cutlet, and it’s the perfect game-dinner entree. The dish can be fancied up…

Whole Bear Charcuterie

As I held the forepaw of my youngest son's 2021 spring black bear for skinning, he said, “why don’t we make the whole bear into charcuterie? I need some ingredients and love Chorizo, Tasso ham, confit, and smoked bear shanks. I want to make baked beans, Cassoulet and Jambalaya.”

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