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The New Hunter’s Wallet or Getting it Done with Less

A guide for the new hunter, from the newish hunter, on where to spend and where to save when getting started hunting As a new hunter, getting started in an industry riddled with “get success quick” schemes, bogus gear, and flashy marketing can be daunting, con- fusing, and expensive. Based on my own misfortunes and jackpots,…

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An Elk Hunter’s Heaven: Hunting Mescalero Apache Elk

PHOTO CREDIT: LARRY WEISHUHN OUTDOORS The ebony-beamed, ivory-tipped 6x6 bull elk turned and started walking away. “We can and will do better,” whispered Mescalero Apache Reservation’s hunt guide James Adams. Then, James again blew his cow call. Close by, four more bulls started bugling. In the distance, bulls bugled at every point on the compass.…

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One-Mile Meal

Hunter-and-Gatherer Challenge Several years ago, there was a television show that challenged participants to live for a year sourcing all food and beverage within 100 miles of their home. The concept seemed easy enough, but watching the show revealed just how challenging it must have been for our forefathers to fill a plate throughout the…

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Discover Mature Buck Personalities

12 Mature Whitetail Deer Personality Types (and How to Approach Them) Deer hunters who consistently tag mature whitetails understand a key component—whitetail behavior. They understand that each buck exhibits traits and tendencies that culminate as a perceived personality. Seeing these tendencies and translating them into actionable information is what separates good deer hunters from true…

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