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Top 10 Rifle Cartridges for Deer Hunting

Some might say there’s a certain charm and pride to be taken in using tried-and-true deer cartridges for Whitetail. But then again, there’s more to life than the old 30-30 sitting in the closet. Similarly, there’s a lot to learn by using classic deer cartridges instead of always running the latest hotness, like 6.5 Creedmoor was…

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Which Compact Binoculars Are Best?

While a Western or open-country hunter wouldn’t be caught in the field without  binoculars, that’s not the case everywhere. But are hunters who aren’t carrying binoculars missing something—even if their normal distances aren’t that great? I often find myself asking that question while turkey hunting when a bird flies down in the first few minutes of…

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A Baja Adventure: When a Hunting Trip Becomes a Camping Trip

Thankfully, The Global Sportsman booth was only a short walk down an aisle at DSC’s 2022 Annual Convention and Hunting Expo. That’s when John Landgraf, a fellow Texas Aggie, said in response to my questions about hunting Baja California, Mexico, “Late October works for me! We’ll finalize our agreement and get gun and passport information…

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25 Common Late-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes

Don’t make these blunders while chasing that wintertime giant The early season came and went. The pre-rut blew by. The rut was a blur. And now, late season deer hunting is here, and you’re still packing a tag. Something prevented you from filling it during the previous phases, but you won’t make mistakes during the final one.…

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