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The L4A Dot Reticle is a variation of the classic L4 reticle. The L4A Dot uses a more open outer post design that helps keep more of the target visible while you are aiming. This gives you better accuracy and helps aid in tracking the target before you take the shot. If you’re deer hunting, for example, you will see more of the deer through the reticle, giving you better accuracy and increased confi- dence in your shot placement. You will experience better spacing from center to post at 100yds when on 4x magnifi- cation, which is equivalent to 83cm at 100m. This increase in vision is part of what has made the reticle such a pop- ular option for hunters looking for the best scope and reticle combination to mount on their favorite hunting rifle.

Hawke has added two new scope options with the L4A Dot Reticle to the lineup – the Vantage IR 3-9×40 and the Vantage IR3-9×50. Both scopes are built on a one-inch main tube with multi-level red/green illuminated, glass-etched reticles. Both scopes have fully multi-coated optics with Hawke’s H2 glass and 11 layers of coatings for optimal clarity and light transmission. They have adjustable side focus and ¼ MOA adjustment.

These scopes have a fast-focus eyebell, long battery life, and are provided with lens covers to protect your glass. Better still is the price, with these scopes representing some of the best value to you of any optic on the market. Add to that Hawke’s No-Fault Lifetime Warranty and you can’t beat it.


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