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The latest and greatest game feed- er in the industry belongs to Capsule Game Feeder and Outdoor Product Innovations with the 400 lb Stand & Fill Capsule Feeder.

“Capsule has always had a strong reputation for its innovation and high-quality line of feeders. Out of all our brands, it is my favorite product to use as it has personally been a game changer on my various hunting properties here in Ohio,” said Danny Reaser, vice president of Outdoor Product Innovations. “By adding the 400 pound feeder to our long line of products, there is a product for every hunter that they can count on every time they add feed.”

The 400 lb feeder stands four feet tall held up by four metal legs and sink proof feet with a durable roto-molded body. The 400lb Capsule Feeder comes with a unique “gate- plate” spinner that stays closed and only opens when the feeder goes off. This prevents pesky varmints from accessing the feed and wasting the customers money.

Capsule Feeders are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from housing 100 lbs of feed all the way up to a capacity of holding 1000 lbs of feed. Made from heavy-duty ro- to-molded plastic that will not rust, Capsule Feeders sit-and-fill design allows outdoor enthusiasts of any age to fill and operate the feeder.


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