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Tag: Winter 2021


Returning To Alberta

Larry and guide, Manuela, setup on the edge of an Alberta field looking for big whitetail bucks. In an ideal world I never would have quit hunting Canada for whitetails, especially with my long-time friend Ron Nemetchek and his North River Outfitting. Simply to quit hunting Alberta had been a matter of economics, not the cost…

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Trail Cameras: Are they hurting or helping your hunting strategy?

Don’t grow discouraged when a big buck doesn’t walk by your trail camera. Remember, a cam-era doesn’t capture everything that happens in your hunting area. (Photo courtesy of Bowtech Archery) We discuss whether trail cameras should be part of your hunting program. Trail cameras. They provide definitive edges to modern hunters. They provide key details to…

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Industry News

Hunter’s Kloak® and Odin’s Innovations Collaborate on Next Gen Scent Solutions ROGERS, Ark. – After the second year of offering Hunter’s Kloak synthetic scents in Odin’s time release beads; and extensive field testing, the brands are teaming-up to introduce hunters to the next generation of scent delivery options to improve the chances for a successful…

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