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Tag: deer hunting


Deer Mineral Licks

A mineral lick is where animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems obtain essential minerals. Mineral licks often occur naturally, providing the sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc required in the springtime for bone, antler and muscle growth (along with milk production) in deer, moose, elk and other wildlife. Minerals benefit deer health and antler growth (we think):…

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Cold Weather Deer Hunting

It seems that when the mercury plummets well below the freezing mark that the deer hunting action heats up. Deer need more food to fuel their bodies and will typically be up feeding longer in the mornings and earlier in the afternoons. Under these conditions, hunters need to be prepared to be in the field,…

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Busting The Top 10 Deer Behavior Myths

Understanding the nuances of Whitetail behaviour has been the obsession of many a hunter over the decades. Correctly interpreting buck sign like rubs and scrapes, unraveling the truth as to whether or not deer can see colours, and discovering where huge bucks hide out have all intrigued deer hunters. These as well as many other…

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Ghost Busters: When Big Bucks Disappear

There’s an explanation for why that mature buck you’ve been following suddenly disappears. Deer hunters who run trail cameras have experienced voids left by monster bucks that suddenly disappear. Oftentimes, we call these ghosts—and bestow them synonymous names for their cunningness and ability to evade death. But bucks aren’t ghosts. They’re just ghosting us. Or,…

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First World Deer Problems

My phone started quacking indicating I had an incoming text. It was from our outfitter Scott Fink, of Goose Creek Outfitters in Nebraska, and he was sending trail camera photographs of deer showing up near some of his stand locations. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes and enlarged the image to see if it…

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