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New Products

CanCooker Launches Conversion Griddle Fremont, NE – CanCooker is excited to announce the launch of its new Conversion Griddle. Featuring 100 square inches of BPA-free non-stick cooking surface, it instantly converts the Multi-Fuel or Portable Cooktop into a griddle for convenient cooking wherever your adventure takes you. Built-in grooves allow grease and oil to flow…

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Ghost Busters: When Big Bucks Disappear

There’s an explanation for why that mature buck you’ve been following suddenly disappears. Deer hunters who run trail cameras have experienced voids left by monster bucks that suddenly disappear. Oftentimes, we call these ghosts—and bestow them synonymous names for their cunningness and ability to evade death. But bucks aren’t ghosts. They’re just ghosting us. Or,…

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The New Season

The sun was setting in the western sky when I decided to climb down from my treestand and call it a season. I had spent 70 hours perched in various stands over the past 15 days, but for the past hour I found it difficult to focus my thoughts. My fingers gently caressed the crossbow…

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