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Tag: January 2023


Snaring 101

From the very dawn of human history, animal fur has been a source of protection from the elements, a way of establishing social ranking, a trading commodity, and a medium used for artistry and clothing. When out snaring coyotes, surrounded by snow, trees, and crop fields, a trapper is far more likely to consider the…

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The Split-Eared Doe

Here’s where my brother was frustratingly situated. “That blasted doe must have a sixth or seventh sense! Whenever she gets close to where I’m sitting, she starts blowing! And it doesn’t matter what stand I’m in. This afternoon, she started blowing before she got to my north shooting lane, the blind in the northwest corner.…

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Here’s Why Hunting with Premium Ammunition is Worth the Price

When you’re standing at the ammunition counter in a gun store, the choices are staggering. There are many selections: discounted ammunition, run-of-the-mill ammunition, and then the premium stuff. Premium ammunition often offers the latest and greatest technology. As the price goes down, so does the technology. Sometimes, a premium price isn’t for anything fancy, but…

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