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Aggressive Archery Tactics for Rutting Mule Deer

For the time of your bowhunting life, get aggressive with these big-eared…

Baiting Whitetail: Unfair Advantage or Logical Step?

What if there was a way to keep the local deer population…

Western Whitetails, Spot-and-Stalk Style

We made our way up the steep, rocky ridge in the pre-dawn…

Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunting in Wide Open Country

A dark-horned 4x4 typical mule deer buck and doe were milling along…

An Elk Hunter’s Heaven: Hunting Mescalero Apache Elk

PHOTO CREDIT: LARRY WEISHUHN OUTDOORS The ebony-beamed, ivory-tipped 6x6 bull elk turned…

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